Windows Explorer Search: (All Files and Folders) Option is Missing

In Windows Explorer, my Search is set up as "Advanced - includes options
to manually enter search criteria." When I click on "More Advanced
Options" there is a combobox for "Type of file." The first item in
that combobox should be "(All Files and Folders)" but that option
disappeared a few weeks ago. Now, the first option is ".Net Managed
Resources File."

This has the effect of causing search queries to return no files found
if I search for something like "searchterm" because it is really only
searching for files of type ".Net Managed Resources File." I have to
explicitly force it to search all file types by searching for

I am guessing that something in the registry got messed up but I can't
figure out what. Under HKCR I have an entry for "Directory" and it is
identical to the entry on other computers with a working Search
function. In the Windows Explorer menu Tools->Options->FileTypes I
have entries for "File Folder" and "Folder" that are identical to other

Any thoughts on what I could do to fix it? Hopefully something as
quick and easy as reentering lost data into the registry.


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