RE: XP log-in screen not responding

A bios password will have nothing to do with your problems with the
computer. RUN the sfc /scannow as soon as the computer settles down
after the next successful operating system startup.
Someone probably has a much better idea than this to do as soon as you can
get into the operating system.

"umwhat" wrote:

I am quite sure that first quick way is not the proper way at all.
In fact I seem to remember my first attempts to use WIndows XP and that
quick repair may be copying over the operating system that is already there
or something like that. I'm sure the correct way is like I said, choose to
load a new copy and choose the Repair at the second opportunity.
You may want to check the installation as it is, Defragmenter and
DiskCleanup and MyComputer TOOLS and check both boxes for a DiskCheck when
the computer starts next time.
I'm not a professional.
I believe a clever thing to do also is to RUN sfc /scannow. Go to Microsoft
Upate when you are finished and check out the Adobe Flash Playe
reinstallation here:


"Davebsail" wrote:

I have been doing the repair. By one method it does the repair fairly
quickly (a couple of minutes at most. By the other method, choosing to
reinstall XP, but choosing "repair" when it gets to the final choice, it
takes over 30 minutes, but that usually gets the log-in screen to work. The
shorter method does not always solve the issue.

Not sure what the password in the bios would do. The log-in screen is like
a web page with no "clickable" links when it isn't working properly.

"umwhat" wrote:

...if you have to reload Windows do you Repair Windows from the cd...rather
than reload/reinstall Windows. Maybe you should look in the bios for a
password...sry, I think I've become a professional...I'm not...

"Davebsail" wrote:

We are running XP Professional at home and each of us has a log-in
name/password to get to our individual desktops. When the computer is turned
on it gets to the log-in screen, but appears to freeze. I can move the
mouse, but cannot log-in to any of the users or the guest user. Ctrl-Alt-Del
does nothing. Right clicking does nothing. The only solution has been to
manually turn the machine off and reload from the Window CD, which is VERY

Any ideas why this is happening and how to resolve?

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