RE: Cannot access single website

Naas: thank you very much for the suggestions. I have already done some of
them and will do the others as soon as I can. This has happened to at least
one other person in a photography forum that I participate in, which is
strange. He also cannot access or I know
that both sites are up and running. Like me, he can access any other site on
the web. Thanks -- I'll keep trying your suggestions.

Best regards,

"nass" wrote:

"scott770" wrote:

I cannot access only regardless of which browser I use
(IE, Firefox or Opera). I can access all other sites, just not that one. I
turned off my Norton Interent Security to see whether that was the problem
but it had no effect. Is there some XP (I have XP Professional) setting that
I might have changed? Any other ideas? Thanks very much.


Download the latest Macromedia flash Player from here:

= ... First, try to clean up your caches, Internet files and delete cookies
by doing this:
Click Start >> Control Panel >> Double click Network and Internet
Connections >> Double click Internet Options.
On the IE properties windows you will see these Taps:
General | Security | Privacy | Content | Connections | Programs |
Under General Tab clear your History, Internet Files and Cookies.

Click on privacy tab then click on Sites button make sure you didn't block
the cookies for this site or you can add it to the trusted list of sites.
Then click on Advanced tab and scroll down to under the Browsing Option:
[&] Browsing
[ ] Enable Third-Party browser extensions (Req Rest) uncheck this box.

[&] HTTP 1.1 Settings
[ ] Use HTTP 1.1 <= Make sure this checked
[ ] Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections
If you using proxy check the proxy one if not check only the first one.

Then under Security Option:
[&] Security
[ ] Use SSL 2.0
[ ] Use SSL 3.0
[ ] Use TLS 1.0
Then click on Programs Tab and click Manage Add-Ons and Disable all non
Verified Add-Ons (You should Renable them later one-by-one and see the
culprit and update it or remove it.
How to manage Add-Ons:

= Before we go further are you connecting by Router or Modem, in either try to
Power or unplug the Power cord for the Router/Modem for about 40 seconds or
so be generous with it <g> turn the computer OFF and wait for the time to go
Then Turn the Router/Modem ON and wait a minute or so then Power ON the
computer and try to establish a connection and try the link, does it work?.

= If still no joy then continue the heavy work:
Open windows Explorer and locate the Hosts file and Rename it to Hosts.OLD
Reboot the machine and try, does it work.

= If not working still try this:
search for them by this name *index.dat* and you can delete them
then the on reboot the system will recreate them for you.
Some of them here:
C:\Documents and settings\Administrator\Cookies = index
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Cookies = index
C:\Documents and settings\User\User data = index
C:\Windows\Temp\Cookies =index
C:\Windows\Temp\History = index
C:\Windows\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 = Index.dat
Reboot your machine and see if this helped.
Let us know.