Re: Updating win98 to xp sp2 error 3E6h occurs

Thanks for your time Pat,
I did read the MS article, and I did try to install XP without 98 being
installed I got the 3e6h error then as well. That's why i tried to do it by
upgrading a clean ingstall of 98, and upgrade from there.
I have taken out the only additional card in the pc, but the error still

Thanks for your ideas

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"MMJII" <MMJII@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello All,
I have a pc that had win 98 on it. It got upgraded to Win XP home, and
for a little over a year.
The user turned the pc off in the middle of an automatic update, which
screwed up the works.
Now when I try to reinstall win xp i get an error 3E6h.
Even after I wiped the pc clean, reinstalled win 98 fresh, then tried to
upgrade to win xp but the 3E6h error still occurs.
I googled, and none of the fixes apply, I checked the ram as well.

Any ideas how to fix this.

First, you do *not* need to install win98 first, and it's probably best

Wipe the drive, start the XP setup with the upgrade disk. You will be
asked to insert, then remove, the 98 CD. Do so, and XP install will
proceed. This will completely remove any possible conflict with 98 files
or other application.

You have seen this?

Try removing non-essential hardware, which means anything other than the
video card, mouse and keyboard. Detach all other peripherals, and remove
any other cards that have been added.



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