Re: Help on How to Enable Sata Raid on Sony Vaio laptop Please!

"Mr Paul" <paul99@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello All.
My Girlfriends mum had a problem with one of the two hard
drives on her laptop. She took it to PC world who remove the Faulty
hard drive and disabled the raid sata. So the laptop would only see
one drive. We have now bought a new drive and want to go back to
having 2 drives. Please can someone tell me how to enable sata raid
again? I thought it may of been in the bios setting but I can not see
it in there! Would be grateful of any help received.
Laptop is a Sony Vaio, The bios is phoenix.
Many Thanks. Paul

What, exactly, is the laptop? And have you asked Sony support?

Is the 2nd drive recognised in the BIOS?

If so, recheck the BIOS with the 2nd drive installed. If RAID options
aren't listed, the system may support software RAID. As far as I can see,
the Vaio laptops that support two hard disks only support RAID 0, which
really doesn't qualify for the R - it isn't redundant, so if a drive goes,
you'd better have had backups taken very, very frequently. It's not
appropriate for systems with any critical data.

Anyway, if both drives are recognised in the BIOS and within Windows, and
you DO HAVE BACKUPS and don't care if you suddenly lose all current data..,132877-page,1/article.html