Re: No miniviews of pictures in folder thumbnails


You hints brought me onto the right track!
I started to dig through the registry and compared the entries with those of
the computer, which was OK.

I took also some hints from Ramesh's site:

I found some strange entries in:

Right first in this branch was a key called

This key had the value {9FA2564D-A9DD-4330-94FF-EC75ADE0798A}

This value pointed to a DLL named 'ArCon Folder Thumbview', which is:

I found out that ACSHLEXT.DLL belongs to a home planner software 'VOX 3D
Planer Version 2.0', which I bought recently for interior planning (VOX is a
German TV station).
By the way: I suspected this software already and I had it removed from my
PC. As this did not bring the solution I gave up in this direction
(apparently the uninstaller did not do its job completely).

End of the story: I deleted the (strange) keys in
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shellex and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shellex and
everything was back to normal!!!!

Thanks a lot Wesley for helping me and guiding me the way to the solution!!!
Actually I owe you now a large piece of Swiss chocolate!



"Wesley Vogel" wrote:

I have these also.

Both with a Bag MRU Size DWORD and both with a BagMRU Size DWORD.

TweakUI has a setting..
[+] Explorer
Folder Customizations, Folders to remember.

This setting affects the Bag MRU Size DWORD in both keys mentioned above. I
fiddled with it and checked those two keys. I seem to remember that this
setting does not work, that it does nothing. It doesn't hurt anything, it
just doesn't do anything. The BagMRU Size DWORD in both keys is what sets
the number of folder customizations that windows remembers.

Shimgvw.dll generates the thumbnails and is also the Windows Picture and Fax
Viewer. Some 3rd party picture programs may unregister shimgvw.dll, but you
said that you registered it. If shimgvw.dl is working correctly, the
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer would work, thumbs would display in Thumbnail
view in folders and Common Tasks image preview would work in all other
folder views. Shimgvw.dll is also responsible for the make file size
smaller when E-mailing picture files.

You may want to try to unregister shimgvw.dll and then reregister it.

Paste the following line into Start | Run and click OK...

regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll

You should see a message telling if it unregistered or not.

Then paste the following line into Start | Run and click OK...

regsvr32 shimgvw.dll

You should see a message telling if it registered or not.

It should be obvious that I have no clue what's happening.

If shimgvw.dll is unregistered, right clicking a picture file will have
Preview missing from the context menu and may cause problems changing user
account and desktop background pictures.

If shimgvw.dll is unregistered, Value Data for this key will be empty.

Value Name: (Default)
ValueType: REG_SZ
Value Data: {e84fda7c-1d6a-45f6-b725-cb260c236066} You get preview
Value Data: If no value (blank) you get no preview

This key has the path to the image viewer for the Preview context menu.
Some 3rd party programs change the path to their executable.
Value Name: (Default)
Value Data: %SystemRoot%\system32\shimgvw.dll

Maybe, by accident, something in here might help. ;-)

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:5940CE21-D376-462C-98C3-6C0F8F776144@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
Rolboss <Rolboss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
Now things become interesting.

When checking the entries in the registry I found that in
were two DWORD values: "BagMRU Size" and "Bag MRU Size" (note the
additional space)

After I compared it with my second computer, which works fine, I decided
to remove the latter.
However, no effect.

I then customized a folder according to your instructions and searched its
settings in the registry.
My one was:
and the selected file was listed with name Logo and the path pointing to
the picture on the desktop:
C:\Documents and Settings\Roland Bosshard\Desktop\RolPic.jpg
I.e. all correct!! But not visible in the folder thumbnail icon...

I assume that there might be all correct in the registry.
I'm having another guess now and maybe you have some hints for me.

When I right-click a picture thumbnail I always get the menu "Refresh
When I right-click a folder thumbnail I'm NOT getting it. (On my computer
c) -see below- I do)

Could it be that the process responsible to the creation of the thumbnails
does not work or that a DLL is corrupted or old? (Well, I'm not really an

Do you know, which files/processes are doing the thumbnail creation and
giving me the context menu I'm missing when right-clicking folders?
I could then compare them on my computers and check whether the
signatures/versions match.

FYI. I have 5 computers:
a) 2.6GHz, 750MB Ram, WinXP Pro German -> With the "Thumbnail problem"
b) 2.4GHz, 1GB Ram, Win XP Pro Multilingual set to English -> With the
"Thumbnail problem"
c) 2GHz, 740MB Ram, Win XP Pro German -> No problem at all. Thumbnails are
d) 3GHZ, 2GB Ram, Win XP MCE German -> With the "Thumbnail problem"
e) 3GHz, 2GB Ram, Win Vista Ultimate German -> No problem, but here things
are different anyway.

I tried to figure what would make computer c) different from the others. I
use it as server and the other machines synchronize their "My Documents"
folders to it (Offline available).
However the problem occurs on remote files as well as on locally stored
and not synchronized files.

If I don't find a solution for this problem I might have to setup 3
computers from scratch. :-(

I really appreciate you kind support and advises. Thanks a lot for
spending time on my problem! :-))


"Wesley Vogel" wrote:

I made some screenshots, which I would be happy to show in order to
illustrate my problem.

I understand your problem from reading your posts, no screenshots are
necessary. Unfortunately I do not have a clue why it's happening.
Especially the blank yellow icon after you have applied the selected
picture on folder Properties.

I do not have a clue. ;-(

From your first post I think you've seen this?
Your view settings or customizations for a folder are lost or incorrect

From Ramesh. The thumbnail image for a folder is stored in a REG_SZ
value named Logo here

See this and try those things.
Unable to remove the Thumbnail image for system folders in XP

I did not have any picture folders set up where I chose a picture for the
folder on folder Properties, Customize tab, Choose Picture. So I did
that for one folder. I then did a registry search for Logo in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER and found this.

Value Name: Logo
Data Type: REG_SZ
Value Data: C:\Documents and Settings\Wesley Vogel\
Desktop\Assorted Logos\Colorado Premium Foods.jpg

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:7B62578F-6734-45C1-B43F-7FFDABC23E58@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
Rolboss <Rolboss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
Thanks a lot for the advice!
Unfortunately it did not solve my problem.

I checked your recommendations and performed also the suggested steps.

The common tasks in relation to folders and pictures seem to be OK.
Also thumbnails of pictures are displayed correctly.
The folders are customized for pictures.

My problem is the icon of the folder itself.
Normally when I have folders (containing pictures) in a folder in
thumbnail view they would display either 4 miniviews on their icons or
the "Folder.jpg" picture.

This does not work on my computer.

Furthermore when I choose to customize the folder picture the preview in
the "Properties > Customize" tab remains a blank yellow icon after I
have applied the selected picture.

When I right-click a folder containing pictures (which should have the 4
miniviews of the single Folder.jpg picture) there is no menu to refresh
the thumbnail (of the folder).

I have another computer on which all this works fine.

I made some screenshots, which I would be happy to show in order to
illustrate my problem. Unfortunately I don't have an ftp site where I
could put them.


"Wesley Vogel" wrote:

If a generic icon is displayed for a picture file when in Thumbnail
view, type or paste the following line into the Start | Run box and
click OK...

regsvr32 shimgvw.dll

You should see a message telling if it registered or not.

from Ramesh Srinivasan @
Generic icon is displayed for a picture file when in Thumbnail view

If a .jpg file is in a folder that is NOT a Pictures or Photo Album
right clicking the file does not bring up Refresh Thumbnail in the
context menu. To get Refresh Thumbnail, the folder must be a Pictures
or Photo Album folder.

Tip from TweakUI:
[[If you create a file called Folder.jpg, that image will be used as
the thumbnail for the folder. What's more, that image will also be
used as the album art in Windows Media Player for all media files in
that folder.]]

Manually create a folder picture

You can only see Folder Pictures if you have Thumbnail view.

To see Thumbnails in the left hand pane, you need to have Common Tasks

You also need to have the folder template set for Pictures or Photo

You may have to click the Folders icon on the Toolbar to switch from
Folders view to show Common Tasks in the left hand pane.

[[You can display hyperlinks to common tasks in the left pane of your
folder windows. The links provide quick access to file and folder
management activities and other places on your computer, such as My
Computer, Shared Documents, and My Network Places. Windows displays
these links by default, so they may already be displayed in your
folders. If they are not, you can use Folder Options to enable this

Start | Run | Type: control folders | Click OK |
General tab | Select: Show common tasks in folders |
Click Apply | Click OK

Show common tasks in folders
[[Specifies that hyperlinks to common folder tasks and other places on
your computer are displayed in folders. These links appear in the left
pane of the folder window.]]

View | Customize This Folder | Select Pictures or Photo Album |
Click Apply | Click OK


Right click the folder | Properties | Customize tab |
Set to Pictures or Photo Album under what kind of folder do you want? |
Click Apply | Click OK

Use this folder type as a template:
[[Allows you to select a folder template. Folder templates apply
specific features to your folder, such as specialized task links and
viewing options for working with pictures and music.]]

Also apply this template to all subfolders
[[Specifies that the template you select for your folder is applied to
all of its subfolders as well.]]

You can view your pictures as thumbnails in any My Pictures subfolder
or any folder customized as a pictures folder.

If your folders are showing the wrong common tasks for Pictures or
Photo Album folders, see this...

Common Tasks Don’t Match Folder Type
by Keith Miller

Keith Miller has a script that can fix the problem. Download attachment from this newsgroup post: