Re: Logon problems with networked laptop

You don't need the domain administrator password to leave the domain. The password that you now need to access the laptop is the password for the Local Administrator account. If the laptop was given to your daughter and is no loger needed for work then you can use a password reset utility:

To access the built-in Administrator account press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice and the logon screen.

Or reinstall Windows if you can't logon.


sanzlink wrote:

This was a laptop computer from work, but is not associated with that work anymore. I would presume I could use a password cracking utility on this then? If so, recommendations?

I am the administrator of my workgroup, but I do not know the administrator passwords for the domain associated with work, I am thinking this is the one I would need.


"John John" wrote:

The laptop was previously joined to a domain (at work or at her school/university) By joining the laptop to your workgroup you have broken the trust to the domain. The only way to now logon to the laptop is by way of the built-in local administrator account. If you do not know the password to the account you are done for unless you want to use a password cracking utility. If this is a work laptop you should not use a password cracking utility! She will have to ask her IT person to rejoin the laptop to the domain, you cannot do that by yourself at your end, it has to be done by the domain administrator. This is a common error that many laptop user make, it's no big deal for the domain administrator, he/she has surely dealt with this minor problem before. Your daughter can use your workgroup resources without joining it, the IT guys at work can help her set this up.

If this is not a company laptop then crack the administrator password to logon to the laptop.


sanzlink wrote:

I networked my daughter's laptop to the house PC and joined her in our Microsoft workgroup. When I restarted the laptop, the I can not get past the logon screen: "System cannot log you on. Make sure your username and domain are correct, then type password again." I did not change the username or password and I cannot get past this screen to do anything even in safe mode. Any suggestions or do I have to find the CD and reinstall Windows XP Pro?? Thanks for any help....