Re: Data Recovery On A Unbootable Drive

tkbirdie wrote:
I was checking out the Maplin website to see if there was some sort of
connector there. I have no idea what I am exactly looking for. The
link to the area I was looking at is Computers
is as far as I got. As I said before, I am a novice.

Since the Dell Latitude is a laptop and not a desktop PC, something you
should have mentioned, the cable and most of the connection instructions
people are giving you are not possible for you to make. Even techs hate
doing that sort of thing. Do NOT try to disassemble your laptop; you'll
very likely turn it into a boat anchor.

The hard drive IS accessible though, once you know how, but I feel 99.9%
certain that's not going to be your problem. The problem could be anything
from the BIOS not set to "know" the hard drive is pesent, to the MBR on the
disk, to several other possibilities.

Here's something to tuck away as a last resort in order to recover your
Take the hard drive out of the laptop (Dell Support has papers to show
you how to to that) and take it to a friend who has a desktop PC. IFF the
drive is living, your friend will then be able to copy all of your data off
your drive and onto CDs or DVDs, whichever your laptop can handle.
The above can also be used as a go-no-go test: If the drive is readable
and functional in another computer, then your laptop has problems other than
the drive. IFF it's not readable in the other PC, then the drive is
awaiting last rites. THEN getting any data off it could be an expensive
prospect. I hope you kept backups of your important data.

IFF you have a friend who will test your drive in his machine for you, then
I'd also advise not opening the new drive when it arrives unless and until
you know you need it. If your old drive is OK and the problem is elsewhere,
then you could return the new drive for a refund, once you're back up and

Good luck; I know money's tight <g>


"DL" wrote:

Assuming the connections are firm, but still no go, I would say your
only hope would be conect the drive as slave or via usb to a PC and
see if you can access it.
If not a data recovery specialist is expensive

"tkbirdie" <tkbirdie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am a complete novice. My hard drive on my laptop became
unbootable. There are some files on it that I need to recover. I
was planning to do a complete backup this weekend. The system does
not load to the Windows system. I tried to repair the system. but
it said it could not find the hard drive. I am having a new one
arrive tomorrow. If I run the Recovery Console, will that allow me
to access my data? I am a student and I do not want to pay for
something that I can do myself. I am unsure of the full
specifications, but it is a 60GB hard drive for a Dell Latitude
D505. The BIOS shows that there is no hard drive present.
I hope there is someone who can help me.