Re: Need help with system start-up in Windows XP Media Center 2002 (Boot.INI and <windowsroot>\system32\hal.dll. error)

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You cannot restore to original state with XP CD - repair is usually
possible - not same as restore. What you did was reinstall XP as a second OS
installation which resulted in the dual boot option.

The default OS is Media Center and if you do not make a selection within 20
seconds (Timeout=20) the computer will boot Media center.

You may feel uncomfortable with removing the second installation and/or
modifying boot.ini. A quick solution pending further action is
"run>msconfig>boot.ini tab>set timeout to 0 sec and boot will be immediate
to Media Center.

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A while back, I tried to install an HP Scanner and caused some damage
to the boot-up of my PC. When I turn on the PC, I now have to choose
from two OS : Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows XP
Professional before my computer will boot up windows. I tried to
restore with Windows XP media Center Cd-Rom back to factory settings,
but get the <windowsroot>\system32\hal.dll. is missing or corrupt
Here is what my BOOT.IN file reads:
[Boot Loader]
[Operating Systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Media Center
Edition" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional Setup"

Does something need to be changed in the Boot.INI file in order for XP
Media Center Edition to automatically load once the PC is turned on?

Any suggestions as to how to repair this?
Thanks in advance
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Thanks for the help! I changed it to 0 seconds-and now it boots up w/
no problem. I also changed the OS boot through control panel-as the
Windows XP Professional Setup was coming up first. I think the combo
of doing both solved the issue.