Re: svchost.exe takes all cpu time


Download Process Explorer.

For further information about Process Explorer see here:

To ascertain which service is causing the problem select the svchost producing the high CPU usage, right click, select Properties, Services. Note there are the full names and some explanation of what each service does.

You will find further information on Services here:

To trace the particular Service involved you need to turn off each service in turn and then restore it noting what effect it has on CPU usage. However, you need to take care and watch what other Services are dependent on that service. When you click on the Dependencies tab allow it a little time to display the information.


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England

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Terry wrote:
Lately when I start my PC it seems to take an excessive time to
get going. When I check the TaskManager I notice one instance of
svchost.exe using almost 100% CPU time. I've run my virus
checker AVG and spyware checker Ad-Aware SE Personal but no
problems found.
From another message I saw that svchost.exe can be used by
trojans and the legit copy is in the windows\system32 folder. I
did a search and found it in 2 other locations -
windows\ServicePackFiles\i386 and
windows\$NtservicePackUninstall$ folders.
I'm running XP Home. Any suggestions other than just wait for
the PC to wake up (it is getting old).



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