Re: Does VISTA suck as much as people say?

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Also note that many of the people who badmouth Vista
have never even run it, just read about it. Not all the opinions you see
informed opinions.

Have you ever heard of a Movie Review? They tell you if the movie is
good or sucks, based on that people go see the movie or not.

Why is it that when a review is positive, microsoft will quote it?
If the reviews are to be dismissed, shouldn't the positive reviews
also be dismissed?

Did you get your check yet?

But a movie review is just an opinion from someone that saw the's
not the same thing. Ive been running Vista since the first public beta and
I've had no problems either.

Why did you "need" vista? Was it like most who said they had to have
the latest and greatest or was their something vista offered that XP
didn't have?

I haven't bought Vista yet..I'm still using the RC2 version. I haven't
decided yet whether to buy or not. I'm dual booting with XP at the moment
till I do decide. It does have a lot of things XP doesn't have but I'm not
sure if I need them yet or not.

Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.