Re: Microsoft Net Framework and Windows XP Home Logon

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AndrewA <AndrewA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I recently added the Microsoft Control Color Applet to my
This apparently required MS Net Framework 1.1 which ended up
installed on my system.

After this, the auto logon to WinXP I had enjoyed was
replaced with a
logon screen requesting user/password--I understand this is a
consequence of the Net Framework User Account
created--aspnet, etc.

I sought out a way to bypass the login and found a solution
at Mark
Salloway's Win XP Resource Center. Among several solutions
was going
to Run and typing control userpasswords2 then unchecking the
"Users must enter a user name and password to use this

After doing this, the logon screen came up anyway but this
time when
I tried to continue the logon process, I received an error
saying the
account was restricted. There was no option to bypass this
and my
only option was to shutdown!

I ended up going into safe mode and trying to recheck that
box in the
User Account window. I did that but I was still not able to
the windows.

Eventually, I did a system restore to yesterday and I am back
normal with the logon window allowing me to enter WinXP.


1. Does this make any sense? It seemed very reasonable but
obviously did not work in the way it was described.
2. I have tried Windows Update but there is no option for a
pack for Net framework 1.1 (although I understand one
exists). I
have read that the service pack fixes the logon issue. Is
this true?
and is this the way to go or should I update to a more recent
of Net Framework (see question 3)?
3. I do see an option for Net Framework 3--does this "fix"
the logon
issue so one can automatically load windows without

I am leary to try anything after what happened. Should I
leave well enough alone or is there a SAFE fix rather than
the one I

Any suggestions/clarifications from the experts on this whole
would be greatly appreciated.

First off, if you did a System Restore, check in Control
Panel -> Add or Remove Programs to see if .NET Framework 1.1 is
still installed on your computer. If it's still installed, you
can download the update directly from this site.

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

Don't be surprised if installing this update doesn't fix your

As for installing .NET Framework 3.0, the applet you installed
requires version 1.1. It may not work properly if 3.0 is the
only version installed.

As for your logon problem, what happened is that when you ran
control userpasswords2 you setup autologon for the built in
Administrator account. The Administrator
account is only available in Windows XP Home Edition when you
boot into Safe Mode. If you try to logon to this account in
Normal Mode, an error message will be displayed, "Unable to log
you on because of an account restriction". If you hit the OK
button, you should see the Welcome Screen where you can click
on your icon to logon. If you're not using the Welcome Screen,
you should have been able to change the entry next to User Name
in the Logon to Windows dialog from Administrator to your

There are two ways to fix this problem. Considering what
happened on your earlier attempt, I'd suggest you try option 1.

1. Download and install TweakUI from Microsoft. TweakUI is
available here.

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

Direct Download of TweakUI

Once the program is installed, go to Start -> All Programs ->
Powertoys for Windows XP -> TweakUI.
Click the + sign next to Logon in the left hand column.
Click on Autologon.
In the right hand pane, put a check mark in the box next to
"Logon automatically at system startup".
Enter the name of your user account in the User Name box.
Hit the Set Password button and enter your password twice.
Note: You should skip this step if your account has a blank
Click OK to close TweakUI.
Restart your computer to see if you get the desired results.

2. Go to Start -> Run.
Copy and paste the following into the Open box:

control userpasswords2

Click OK.
On the Users page, click on "Users must enter a user name and
password to use this computer" so that a check mark appears in
the box.
In the "Users for this computer" box, click on the account you
want to have logged on automatically.
Next, go back and uncheck "Users must enter a user name and
password to use this computer".
Click OK.
In the box that pops up, make sure the account you clicked on
earlier is entered next to User Name. Do not leave it set to
Administrator, that's where you went wrong earlier.
Enter your password twice.
Note: You can leave the password box blank if the account does
not have a password.
Click OK.
Reboot to see if you get the desired results.

Good luck