Chkdsk hangs - what else can be done??

I apparently have some disk corruption problems in my PST file, as Outlook
starts with, with "Data error, cyclic redundancy check" upon starting
Outlook. As per earlier advice, i ran chkdsk /r. But,
chkdsk hangs. The % done on phase 4, file data check, was moving along at
1% per every 1 to 5 minutes. Then, at exactly 50%, it just stopped moving.
I left it for a few hours, but no further progress (so i interrupted it).
The disk light was on continually, but no progress in % complete.

So, are there any further suggestions? Is there any disk utility more
robust than chkdsk available? It seems wierd to me that this utility can't
bypass something bad and do the best it can to complete its work, rather
than just hanging. I mean, thats why you're running chkdsk, right, because
there is possibly something bad on the disk.

Any alternative suggestions to chkdsk are greatly appreciated.

Thanks, tom.