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Was this (third IDE disc) a basic disc or a dynamic disc?

As for the RAID-0 array did you try setting up Windows on a completely independent disc (in the same computer) then seeing if the array can be read from the new Windows installation?


mike wrote:

Hi John John

You are right about the backups. My latest backup dident have the files I need. Yes I should have been more proficent at doing CD or DVD backups ...but I did put the info onto another HD in the same conputer that was not on the raid 0 it was on an IDE cable this drive won't even show up in my only shows up in bios and disc management. ??????? Why wont it show up????? Disc management says unallocated disc. I can allocate it cause it will destroy the data. Can I install XP on this HD without formating it? If I can will the files still be there?

Thank You

"John John" wrote:

Does it not ask you at that point (when it goes to to the C:\ prompt) to select an installation to logon to? Even if you have only one installation you have to type in a number then press <Enter> to log on to the installation. In your case, if you only have one Windows you will probably have to type in the number 1 and then press enter. You will then be prompted for a password. You should see something like this:

Type 'exit' to leave the command prompt and reboot the system.


Which Windows installation would you like to logon to (enter to abort)?

At that screen you MUST type in the number 1 (or other as seen on the screen) and press enter. You are not logged in to the installation until you do so and any attempts to enter commands without logging on will result in an Access Denied message.

The set AllowAllPaths = true will not work unless you previously enabled its use in the Local Security Policy. That is a mute point. You have sufficient access privileges with the standard Recovery Console permissions without having to enable the Set command. From the Recovery Console you can access these folders:

- The root folder of any drive
- The %SystemRoot% folder and the subfolders of the Windows installation you are currently logged on to
- The Cmdcons folder
- Removable media drives such as CD-ROM drives

That is sufficient access rights to carry out the repairs that you were attempting, there is no need to use the Set command to use the Recovery Console to repair Windows, all the necessary permissions are already present.

Fixing an installation on RAID 0 can be touchy business! One misstep and you may completely lose all the data on both drives, if it isn't already lost. I'm sure you don't need to hear this but it has to be said for the benefit of others who might be reading. Keeping valuable files and data on a hard disc without a backup is not a very smart thing to do. Not backing up precious data stored on RAID 0 is absolute folly!

Good luck!


mike wrote:

Hi Blades....The recovery console does not ask me for a asks for R for recovery... F3 for escape....and Enter to continue installing windows. I hit R and it goes right to the C:\ prompt. Then I do the md thing like windows asks and it says denied. I did what you said and i got The set command is currently disabled. The SET command is an optional recovery console that can only be enabled by using the security configuration and analysis snap-in. Huh??? HELP!


"Blades" wrote:

Between the time you log into the Recovery Console and the time you try md, type: set AllowAllPaths = true

mike wrote:

Thanks for giving it a try Bruce but I cant get past the md temp thing. Windows says access denied.

"Bruce Chambers" wrote:

mike wrote:

I have been getting the Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Windows/System32/CONFIG/SYSTEM message. I tried the recovery consol solution- didnt work. Tried the md temp thing- I get a message that says access denied. I do not get the password question when the recovery console opens either it just starts. I am using raid 0 on my machine. I need to get the pics of my daughter off this nutty computer or else my wife said I am DEAD!
Someone please help!!

Thanks in Advance

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