Re: Third Party Kernel - Q327516

i did a little more research
and found issues with the driver
amoung latin and russion countries

I also looked here
and and there is
no mention of that kb. My guesss
is that there never was such a kb at

the error message is like a roose
and is sending you on a wild goose chase
i don't think it is a virus, but a corrupted
driver still being passed around with
old software or something...

sorry, but it sounds like your options
are very limited....

hope the prior responses has helped....

"DatabaseBen" <databaseben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My simple search came up with results in Russian or something..
You probably got a boot virus.

In consideration for my last response in a prior post from you,
I think that you should simply go buy a new harddrive, small and
cheap but it is your preference. Then install it as the master and
put a functional o.s.
on the new harddrive. Afterwards install the disfuntional hd as
the slave and operate on it from your functional hd/os.

I would not suggest to install the harddrive on a different computer
because it might have undesireable affects on a functional pc.

If and when you do get a secondary o.s. operational and you
have full access to the disfunctional o.s., give us a post so that
we can provide some help or tools that will be useful.

Otherwise, as you have found, there have been no specific solutions
to address this exact issue.
"Nayef Mauge" <maugecad@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
When trying to restore corrupted files on my drive and used the windows
CD setup disk, the following message appeared :-

Setup cannot upgrade due to third-party kernel.

Windows has detected that one or more protected core system files
(kernel) on your computer have been modified. The Service Pack contains
updated versions of those files, which work to provide a stable
environment for your programs. Due to this modification, the Service
Pack will not be installed. For more information, see Knowledge Base
article Q327516 at

Googling around and finding anything about Q327516 did not help at all.
It seems so many people are facing a problem with this issue.

Need to eliminiate that corrupted driver or file from the system in order
to restore the corrupted files.

Any help appreciated.