Re: can't get past disk check- driver troubles

How did you disable the graphics drivers/capabilities in windows. Please
provide steps.
Did you modify the registry? Use Control Panel | Display .... ?

"rob" <rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
when installing a new video card, i was having problems getting windows to
recognize the new video card. the card's manual suggested disabling
graphics drivers or capabilities in this situation. so, i (stupidly)
the graphics drivers/capabilities in windows. now, when i boot up, i can't
get beyond the blue disk check screen, whether i go thru w/ disk check or
not. windows makes the "happy start-up" sound, but the screen stays frozen
the disc check. i've tried adjusting BIOS settings, put the old video card
back in, and nothing's helped. anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
to complicate things further, i no longer have the discs that came w/ the
motherboard, etc...they got lost in a move a couple years ago...

many thanks,