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I have had a computer for 4 years and it came with Windows XP installed with COA and license on bottom. I have had many problems with it (its as Time pc) so I have had to re-install windows xp lots of times but each time i have activated it. This time I had to re-install after my windows xp corrupted so I installed with the license it came with and it installed. When i tried to activate it it said that I had used this key too many times! By their records it was used too many times so i couldnt use it to active my computer.

Can anyone help me with this problem. I had a look at the microsoft help and support center by my computer is not compatible for the free of charge support so i have to pay for help! Outrageous! I also dont want to call Time because they want me to pay a £1 a minute for help which they wont give. Is there anyway to reset my key because I want to sell my computer with windows key but having an expired key is no good.

Thanks if you can help!


The error message you received is somewhat misleading. What it really means is that you've activated "via the Internet too many times within the last 120 days." Because there is usually no sound technical reason for reinstalling and re-activating WinXP so frequently, the automatic presumption is that the OS is being installed on multiple machines. I think Microsoft should fix this message, but it is, in reality, a relatively minor "cosmetic" issue, so they're probably giving more weight to some silly cost-benefit analysis more than they are their customers' occasional confusion.

In actuality, there's no limit to the number of times you can reinstall and activate the same WinXP license on the same PC. Nor is there ever a charge. Nor does a Product Key (so long as it's not an evaluation license) ever expire. If it's been more than 120 days since you last activated that specific Product Key, you'll most likely be able to activate via the Internet without problem. If it's been less, you might have to make a 5 minute phone call.

Here are the facts pertaining to activation:

Piracy Basics - Microsoft Product Activation

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