Windows won't start - Page Fault In Non-Paged Area blue screen error

Hi, I have a major computer problem. I made the mistake of buying a
Windows instead of a Mac which was very stupid. I hope someone can help
me. I have Windows XP Home and every time I try to start up I get a
blue screen saying "Page Fault In Non-Paged Area". It then goes on to
tell me that I should uninstall any newly installed software, hardware,
and configurations. And then it tells me how to boot in safe mode.
However, it is like a time bomb. Sometimes I can get up to the login
screen in regular and safe mode but before I have a chance to login my
computer just boots down and brings up the blue screen. So, Microsofts
vague and idiotic advice about uninstallation is pretty much uslesss
seeing as I can't even log on. I have tried everything. I have tried
running in all 3 safemodes, Running an IDE Boot check. Running repair
from the Windows OS CD, and running chkdsk, using the repair menu from
the Windows CD, among other things. Please help if you know how to fix
this problem.