Re: 10 minutes to boot then VERY SLOW HELP PLS!

onlinestew <onlinestew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

my new laptop was fine then all of a sudden too slow to watch a movie or
listen to music. Takes a long time to boot up and everything is slow, even
the mouse is halty.

Error ID 9 or 51 might have something to do with it, i think this is where
everything went wrong...please, please help

"Error ID 9 or 51" is pretty much useless insofar as giving you any
help with this problem is concerned.

Where, when and how did this (these?) error message(s) appear?
Is that the complete and total information content of the error
message? Just "Error ID 9 or 51" and nothing more?

When your machine is performing slowly press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring
up the Windows Task Manager.
Go to the Processes tab.
Click twice on the CPU column header. That will sort the list into
descending order based on CPU usage.
Make a list of the 5 items at the top of the list and the CPU
percentage shown for each.
Post that information in a reply back here.

Good luck

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