Re: sticky keys!

Open Accessibility Options...
Start | Run | Type: access.cpl | Click OK |
Keyboard tab | To turn off StickyKeys, clear the Use StickyKeys check box

StickyKeys enables simultaneous keystrokes while pressing one key at a time.

StickyKeys is designed for people who have difficulty holding down two or
more keys simultaneously. When a shortcut requires a key combination, such
as CTRL+P, StickyKeys will enable you to press a modifier key (CTRL, ALT, or
SHIFT), or the Windows logo key and have it remain active until another key
is pressed.

Settings for StickyKeys.

Use shortcut specifies that you can switch StickyKeys on or off by pressing
the SHIFT key five times.

Press modifier key twice to lock specifies that when you press the CTRL,
ALT, SHIFT, or Windows logo key twice in a row, the key remains active until
you press the same key again.

Turn StickyKeys off if two keys are pressed at once turns off StickyKeys if
you press a modifier key (CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT), or the Windows logo key and
another key at the same time. This is useful if more than one person uses
the same computer. When the second user presses a modifier key and another
key (for example, CTRL+P to print), StickyKeys will turn off automatically.

Make sounds when modifier key is pressed plays unique tones that indicate
when a modifier key (CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT), or the Windows logo key, is
pressed, locked, or released.

Show StickyKeys status on screen displays a StickyKeys icon on the taskbar
when StickyKeys is turned on.

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:9CCA5C4E-3733-4903-A867-1423CCFD4631@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
rotorhead <rotorhead@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
A video game required me to repeatedly hit the space bar quickly. That
caused the game to stop while windows tried to turn on "sticky keys". It
also gave me the option of adjusting settings. I adjusted the repeat
rate to its max.

That fixed the game, but now I can't enter the same two keys on my
computer without a long wait. I can't find my way back to the sticky
keys window to readjust to original settings. The space bar does not do
it anymore.

How do I open the stciky keys window?