Re: Cannot associate PDF files with Acrobat Reader

This is a different problem, Howard. Can you post the file association info
for .PDF ?

See: FileExtInfo - View the association settings for a file type easily:


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"Howard - JC Publishing" <HowardJCPublishing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Our problem is a bit different but releated. Since installing SP2 on one of
our computers, a pdf file attached to an email will not open although Adobe
Reader is installed. The error says the file type is not linked to a
program. However, if we save the attached pdf file to the desktop, it opens
properly. The starnge things is a different computer that had SP2
does not have that problem. Very strange. Any assistance will be greatly

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Login as Administrator, and then use the OpenWithAdd utility below to
register the "AcroRd32.exe" with the open-with dialog once.

Registering a program with the "Open With" dialog:


Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows XP Shell/User]
Windows® XP Troubleshooting

"Jason" <Jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a user who all of a sudden cannot open PDF files. I looked on her
computer and any PDF file just shows up as a Windows defualt file icon and
there was no file association set up for the PDF extension. I verified
Acrobat Reader 7.0 was installed.

I right-clicked on the file and chose "Open With", but Acrobat Reader was
not listed. I clicked on Browse and browsed out to the Acrobat Reader
executable, but after I selected it, Acrobat Reader never showed up in the
list of programs to use in opening the files.

I opened up Windows Explorer and went to Tools->Folder Options and then
clicked on File Types. I scrolled down to the PDF extension and it showed
program assigned to it. When I clicked on the Change button, it took me
the same "Open With" window and I still had the same issue of not being
to get Acrobat Reader to show up. Back on the File Types window I clicked
the Reset button, but it just associated PDF with Notepad.

I uninstalled Acrobat Reader and then reinstalled it, but I still had the
same issue. I noticed that if I logged in as myself, then the association
was correct, but not while logged in as her. Does her profile just need
be created? Also, if I opened Acrobat Reader and then went to File->Open
selected a PDF file, then it opened fine, but still did not allow me to
associate the PDF extension with Acrobat Reader. As far as I know,
was changed on this computer. It was working just the other day and now
not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.