Re: Windows no longer brings up the "Open With" window.

Bring up windows Explorer and right click on you cd rom. Select properties
then Autoplay, then select what you want to do.
Hope this helps.


"Jeff Wernicke" <JeffWernicke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
When I insert a music CD or DVD-R/RW or a movie DVD, or a CD-R/RW, windows
does not give me a choice for what program I want to run to use the
inserted disc. Game CD's do Auto Start properly though. When I insert
above mentioned discs, Windows Explorer just opens to display the contents
the disc. When I go into "My Computer" and select "Properties" for my DVD
or DVD drive, and then select the "AutoPlay" tab, no matter what I choose
the content type, the "select an action to perform" list is completely

I want Windows XP Home Edition SP2 to bring up the "Open With" window like
it used to when I insert these disks.
Thanx for your time and help!