Re: Bite the bullet-Reinstall XP PRO

Ron Martell wrote:
mogur2 <mogur2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have decided to bite the bullet and reinstall XP Pro.

I have both, the XP PRO CD, & the SP2 CD. I am presuming that after
I install XP Pro, then SP2, I can just go to the MS website to
download/install all the latest patches.

Is there a way to download all current patches to burn to a CD
before the reformat?

What other procedures will make this as painless as possible?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Warm Regards,

If you have a CD burner then you can create a new Windows XP Pro
install CD with SP2 slipstreamed into it.

There are a number of ways to create a slipstreamed CD. I use nLite
(free) from

nLite also has the ability to incorporate the post-SP2 patches into
the new CD. You can download these from
Make sure you check the catalog listings for both "Windows XP
Professional SP2" and for "Windows XP SP2". You will also probably
want to eliminate many of the language versions of the same updates.

Good luck

Nice! I'd like to try this, but with the corporate version that I have the
CD isn't self booting, and I have to go through the six disk shuffle with
the floppies. Is there a way to make the CD bootable as well?

Steve Frank


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