Re: Windows Explorer completely blocks my desktop

Download a VBScript which removes Common Tasks from Desktop:

Ramesh, Microsoft MVP
Windows XP Shell/User

"RobK" <RobK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:C383FD3C-1501-49E6-B065-02E100E68FBC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Awhile back my fingers slipped on my keyboard and I found that my
normal-looking desktop, with nice background picture, had been replaced by a
Windows Explorer window, with white background everywhere but on the left
side, where it (optionally) displays the "common tasks" panel. Unfortunately
this Explorer window has no title bar and no window borders, so I can't make
it go away. (Well, if I kill explorer.exe in Task Manager it goes away, but
so, unfortunately, does everything else. When I restart explorer.exe, it once
again covers everything up.)

I'd really love to get my old desktop back. Anyone have a solution?