RE: chkdsk error 0x0000007E

Try the results of this Google search - lot's of good info there:

Do you have Nero? Is it updated? That's one of the solutions that I read
about. We'll need to know more about recent hardware and software
installations to figure this one out! :)

"Gerard" wrote:

> Hello, if i check my c:\ drive with windows, chkdsk and i do that in windows,
> then windows gives no error messages, if i do it with the options marked,
> check and repair, the the pc must be started again and the chkdks begins,
> everthing goes right untill (5/5) check free disk space, the following error
> comes on the sceen, at 90%, error : update the bios or disable caching &
> shadowing : stop : 0x0000007E
> (0xC0000005, 0xF9F4E51D, 0xF9E69C38, 0xF9E69934) Fs_rec.sys adress F9F4E51D
> base at F9F4E000 datestamp 3b7d8361.
> i have updated the bios , and tryed to disable all chace and shadowing but
> then windows is starting very slow. I have pulled all the extra cards out of
> the pc, so the pc is as empty as possible, but nothing helps !!!
> Does anyone have any sugestions ????
> This site i also have been watching but noting seems to work :
> Regards,
> Gerard