Re: How do I restore my computer to like the day I bought it?

well delete all your programs and empty your recycle bin and then set all the
others to default status. If you installed sound cards go into bios and
reinstall the integrated sound . After you take out the sound card. OH and If
you installed a video card uninstall it and put back the original video card
and then load drivers.
Well my friend I hope that helps. Good Luck !


"Ricky" wrote:

> Have a look here..
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> | I want to make my computer like the way I bought it. I need to take
> | everything off and start from clean again because I am selling the
> | computer and do not want any of my stuff to be on the machine
> anymore.
> | How should I go about doing this? I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 and
> the
> | cd's that came with it do not help. I have a Re-Installation of
> Windows
> | CD but when I tried to use that it said that there was a newer
> version
> | installed on my computer. I guess because I installed the service
> pack
> | 2. Can someone help please help me to get this computer back to day
> 1!
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