Re: desktop shortcuts/Outlook email links, don't work; XP says "Ca

Yesterday, all day, the shortcuts worked fine. Today, I'm having the same
problem I had before I followed your instructions. So, I thought, hey I'll
go to Set Program Access in Add-Remove and see if the browser default has
changed away from Internet Explorer. Well, it did, so I reclicked to make
Internet Explorer my default browser and clicked okay. Then I tried my
shortcuts on the desktop, but again, they were producing that error message
and producing me a blank internet page.

It seems (I've tried now, 4 times changing Set Program Access) that the
minute I click okay and the Set Program Access window goes away, XP reverts
to the alternate browser. Thing is, Ramesh, I've never used any other browser
but Internet Explorer so I can't imagine what XP is reverting to.

In addition this morning there were two emails notifying me of replies to my
problem. I was expecting yours, but the other one came from, I can't remember
his name (Ferguson, maybe) who gave me these instructions: Go to Start/Run,
and type: REGSVR32 URLMON>DLL. Then open IE, TOols menu, Options, Program
Tab, and click the "Reset Web Settings".
I hadn't yet read this email you sent below, so I followed the instructions
thinking maybe that might work. Well, it did not. My shortcuts do not work
I even went and reinstalled IE 6 SP1 hoping that might confirm to my XP
system that I wanted IE on this machine. But that didn't help either.

I'm excited to try out your instructions on the Help & Support, but priority
this morning is getting IE to remain my default browser in the Set Program
Access section.

p.s. (what sort of image would you like for an icon. It thrills me, too,
that you said yes to that question. And, no, I am neophyte enough to not have
a web site, yet.
I have my main email with comcast and I did play around with their tutorial
for creating one and I'll look up what the address is to that so you can see
what a neophyte did for her first try.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you, at your convenience, of course.

p.p.s. (could my IE being out of whack have anything to do with the program,
Icon Packager by Stardock? I've used their program for a couple of years now,
and just recently I made a major update. I ask because I haven't altered
anything else on my computer recently and I'm trying to figure out what's
causing the problems.)

p.p.p.s (I run Grisoft's AVG antivirus program, if that's relevant to
anything, i.e. these problems possibly being virus related. AVG is VERY good
and constantly updates itself once to twice a day, too. Also, all my "public"
mail goes through 3 web-based addresses, thus keeping junk mail completely
(and delightfully) out of my main Outlook email space. And one's main email
address is often the in-door for junk mail carrying viruses and I have
hotmail, yahoo and handling all that nicely.)

Okay, I shut up now and wait. Thanks again; I'm in your debt.

Ms. Max

"Ramesh, MS-MVP" wrote:

> Ms Max,
> Nice to hear that the URL shortcuts issue is fixed. For the Help and Support
> issue, here is a couple of options starting with a DLL registration.
> (Proceed to next method if one fails to resolve the problem):
> Type in Start, Run dialog:
> helpctr -regserver
> regsvr32 itss
> regsvr32 hhctrl.ocx
> regsvr32 jscript
> Fix Windows XP Help - from Doug's site:
> In _nothing_ helps, try reinstalling HelpCenter:
> Open %systemroot%\inf folder and locate the PCHealth.inf file (might show as
> PCHealth in W.Explorer). Right-click the file and choose "Install". Insert
> your XP CD when prompted. If you have a Service Pack installed, be sure to
> point to the %Windir%\i386\ServicePackFiles folder, or your slipstreamed XP
> CD (if available).
> There is also another comprehensive rebuild method for Help and Support, but
> I don't think that's required.
> >> Could I create a personal icon for you?
> That would really be cool :) Thanks! BTW, do you run a website?
> --
> Ramesh, MS-MVP
> Windows Shell/User
> Windows XP Troubleshooting
> Windows XP Newsgroup Setup Instructions for Outlook Express:
> "Ms Max" <MsMax@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:233BBFDB-E686-44BF-9768-C595FC1F4353@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Ramesh! You're WONDERFUL; this makes 2 for 2 for you as far as
> > my needing help goes.
> >
> > The directions for going to Control Panel-Add/Remove-Set Program Access &
> > Defaults-Custom, worked like a charm. All the links work again.
> >
> > On an aside, my Start Menu item, Help & Support still doesn't work.
> > I wasn't sure if this problem was related to the shortcuts not working,
> > and now that they DO work, again, I immediately went to try the Start Menu
> > item, Help and Support, to see if it magically functioned again. But, it
> > still
> > does not. The XP Window in blue that opened with all kinds of options
> > for help does not materialize; nothing happens at all when I click on Help
> > and Support. I rarely use this function, so I can manage around it
> > when I need help, but since you've been such a wiz-kid of magic help
> > every time you've answered one of my questions, I figured it couldn't
> > hurt to ask.
> >
> > p.s. (is there some way I can Thank you, personally, for all your help
> > to me thus far? One thing I do relatively well, is make icons. Could I
> > create a
> > personal icon for you? If not, do please know I am very, very
> > appreciative
> > of all your help, in any case!!!!)
> >
> > With all my thanks!
> > Ms. Max
> >
> >
> >
> > "Ramesh, MS-MVP" wrote:
> >
> >> Hi Ms Max,
> >>
> >> To set Internet Explorer as the default (this repairs the file
> >> association
> >> settings as well), try this:
> >>
> >> For XP SP1 and above:
> >>
> >> From Control Panel, open Add/Remove Programs applet, and choose Set
> >> Program
> >> Access and Defaults button. Click the Custom button once. From the list
> >> that
> >> appears, select Internet Explorer and then click the OK button.
> >>
> >> For Windows XP with or without an SP, you may try this REG file:
> >>
> >>
> >> NOTE: The Programs Files path is set for C:\, in the REG file. If you
> >> have
> >> Windows installed in a different drive, alter the drive-letter and Path
> >> in
> >> the REG file, using a text editor like Notepad.
> >>
> >> --
> >> Ramesh, MS-MVP
> >> Windows Shell/User
> >>
> >> Windows XP Troubleshooting
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> Windows XP Newsgroup Setup Instructions for Outlook Express:
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> "Ms Max" <MsMax@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> >> news:2A1DE00D-761F-4B3D-BBE1-39BC9F7BCAF6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >> > Dear Mike,
> >> > I was SOOO hopeful this nifty IE fix you sent, would work. But, it did
> >> > not.
> >> > I still get the error message of Cannot Find www.... when I click a
> >> > desktop
> >> > shortcut, but now, instead of a blank IE page popping up, I get my home
> >> > page
> >> > of Google come up.
> >> >
> >> > After finding the IEFix to not have worked, I redid that scan for XP
> >> > (sfc/scannow) and also did a rescan of the IE repair command. With each
> >> > step
> >> > I also rebooted just be sure it all took. But I'm in the same problem I
> >> > started out with.
> >> >
> >> >
> >> > On a side note, when I copy a shortcut url and plug it into my taskbar
> >> > google window on the bottom of my desktop (same line as the Start
> >> > button),
> >> > the Google doesn't work now, either. I paste the url into the little
> >> > window
> >> > and prior to the iefix.exe, I could click on the icon and this managed
> >> > to
> >> > get
> >> > me into IE and the page I was wanting to go to. Now it doesn't work.
> >> > The
> >> > url
> >> > gets pasted, but the icon to make it go to the webpage, does nothing.
> >> >
> >> > Yikes, what do I do NOW???
> >> >
> >> > "MAP" wrote:
> >> >
> >> >> Ms Max wrote:
> >> >> > My system runs XP Professional WITH SP1, but NOT SP2 updates. My
> >> >> > browser is IE 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp1.020828.
> >> >> >
> >> >> > Problem: when I click on a desktop shortcut, Windows gives me an
> >> >> > error
> >> >> > message that says it Can't Find the url, and then a blank IE window
> >> >> > opens with the address box blank, as well.

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