Re: What the?

Thank you for your advice. Did my reading homework. And found the problem.
"Win32.P2P-Worm.Alcan.a" which modifies your shell command. Thank you
AdAware!!!! for finding it... and killing it. Norton AV, Panda, and Trend
Micro were not effective with this worm, I am very disappointed. Does not
even come up on their radar.


"Wesley Vogel" <123WVogel955@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Did you do a Search for on your machine?
> HOW TO: Search For Hidden Or System Files In Windows XP
> If you don't have a virus/trojan now, then you had one at one time.
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> Hope this helps. Let us know.
> Wes
> MS-MVP Windows Shell/User
> In news:Ew0se.2332$6o4.783@fed1read04,
> RB <bazinetr@xxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
>> Start, Run, I type in regedit. I get a blank command window which reads
>> windows/system32/ There is no such file as in the
>> directory. So I scanned for viruses, adware and spyware. Nothing. I can
>> only acess the registry via regedit.exe. I consulted different web sites,
>> including Symantec's and Microsoft, and there are no recipes to fix this.
>> Many have the same identical problem. No explanation on the causes.
>> Any ideas?
>> Richard