Re: Is my monitor shot or is it software related?

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| I'm trying to get my friend's laptop fixed. The screen laptop screen is
| showing nothing but a pattern of fine vertical lines. When hook up an
| external monitor the external one is working fine. All I notice different
| from the last time I worked on his computer is that the bios battery seems
| dead. It's won't keep the set time after a reboot. Other than that
| everything looks OK in device manager. I tried using FN+F4 to toggle
| screens but that didn't work. What could be wrong? Is it possible that
| a software problem? Should I try to reinstall windows, or is it a hardware
| problem? My thinking is If the video card was bad, or it was a
| software/virus the external monitor wouldn't work. Any ideas?
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That the display works on an external monitor indicates that the laptops
video adapter is functioning.

Suspect a failed connection or cable to the internal display or a failed


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