I've always had Dell systems. Dell doesn't put any info on the HD that
would cause your system not to recognize the HD if it's formatted (I've
formatted several times). Is the HD listed in the BIOS and is the BIOS set
to boot to the CD first? If it is, you should be able to install XP. If
not, you may want to consider taking your computer back to the place that
formatted it. Sounds like they may have screwed it up but probably not to
the point of replacing the HD.

Hope you reported the eBayer.

Let us know.

"robert t" <nodak2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I am backed up but the problem is that now I have a totally erased HD that
>my PC cannot recognize. And no, the copy of XP PRO is not legitimate. I
>got screwed on ebay and that is why I ended where I am now. The PC came
>with XP HOME and I would dearly like to get that back on. But after I
>loaded the illegitimate XP pro and went online the OS shut down windows
>explorer and I couldn't get out of an error message loop it put me in. So
>I tried to reformat(delete) the C drive with Fdisk, but it cannot handle
>NTFS formats, only FAT32, so I took it to a computer place and told them to
>reformat(erase) the HD. I then planned to repartition and reformat again
>and then install the original XP HOME, but now my PC cannot even
>recognize(see) the HD on boot up. There are so many possibilities as to
>what is now wrong that it makes my head spin. In case you don't know it,
>FDisk is a dos based partitioner and formatter that you can put on a a boot
>up floppy to partion and then format a HD. Maybe some secret Dell code got
>erased off the HD at the place I had reformat the entire HD. I should have
>had them just reformat the C partion so then I maybe could have rinstalled
>the original XP HOME. As I mentioned below, there are 4 diagnostic lights
>on the back of my Dell Dimension 8250 and they should all be green on boot
>up, but one is orange. It says to check cable connections, etc which I have
>done. I would even be willing to buy a new HD, but I am now concerned that
>dell may have coded the HD so it is specific to my PC and a new HD would
>not work either. What a mess.
> Fitz wrote:
>> Have you backed up your data? (My Documents, etc.)
>> If so, try reinstalling XP, not a repair but full install. During the
>> install process, select to delete existing partitions. I would assume
>> your copy of XP that you bought is legitimate, correct? By that I mean
>> it's a silver MS disk with logos, etc and you have the product keys with
>> the CD case.
>> "robert t" <nodak2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:8orfe.9737$U01.8616@xxxxxxxxxxx
>>>This is going to be a bit long so thanks to everyone willing to read thru
>>>In April 2004 I bought a used Dell Dimension 8250(P4,2.4GHz,40G,512ram
>>>with an upgraded video card) on eBay. It worked fine with only 1 small
>>>It would not reboot using the restart. I had to manually reboot it after
>>>the saving settings message went off and it said "windows is shutting
>>>down". But I could live with that.
>>>MISTAKE #1: I decided to upgrade to XP pro so I bought a supposedly new
>>>version of xp pro on eBay. The new install went fine until I rebooted
>>>after downloading SP2. I got an error message saying "Windows Explorer
>>>was shutting down" and to report the error to Microsoft. No matter what
>>>I did I couldn't get out of that loop. I couldn't get to the Start Menu.
>>>MISTAKE #2: I had 2 partitions on the HD. A C for the OS and a D for
>>>data. I am backed up on an external USB/Firewire HD. I tried to use
>>>FDISK to reformat the C partition, couldn't because FDISK can't deal with
>>>MISTAKE #3: I then called around and found a computer place that would
>>>reformat my HD for $25 so I had them do it. Now, my computer cannot
>>>recognize the HD. One of the 4 diagnostic lights on PC stays orange and
>>>all 4 of them should be green.
>>>I don't want to throw good money after bad, but am willing to try things
>>>if there is a chance. I could buy a new HD relatively inexpensively, but
>>>it may not be the HD??????????
>>>Any comments, suggestions would be extremely welcome. Thanks ahead.