Re: Unknown Program Starting

Do you have an "always on" broadband connection? If so, something could be
phoning home with credit card numbers etc. due to a key logging program.

Install ZoneAlarm or any good firewall that checks outward bound traffic
(Windows built in firewall does not) . You will get a warning from ZA asking
if you want to allow this action. Note what is trying to connect. Answer
"no" to disallow the connection. Then hunt down the source and eliminate it.
Get ZoneAlarm here:


Richard Urban

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"nathan" <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I am running Windows MCE, with all the latest updates. Adaware, Spybot S&D,
> and AVG Anti-Virus all report there are no problems with my system.
> My problem is, a program keeps starting up, roughly every 20 minutes or
> so,
> running for a split second or so, and then closing itself. It doesn't have
> a
> window, it just appears in the taskbar and steals focus from whatever
> application I'm running (including full screen programs, taking me back to
> the desktop which is very annoying). There is no name in the taskbar, and
> it
> has a non-distinctive icon. I can't identify the program in the task
> manager,
> because it disappears too quickly. Can anyone tell me how I can identify
> whatever this is so I can remove it?