Re: 3 icons missing from startup

From: Wesley Vogel (
Date: 05/20/04

Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 16:42:06 GMT

XP Pro??

Start | Run | Type: gpedit.msc | OK |
Navigate to >>
Local Computer Policy\User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu
and Taskbar\

Remove Help menu from Start Menu Properties

[[Removes the Help command from the Start menu.
This setting only affects the Start menu. It does not remove the Help menu
from Windows Explorer and does not prevent users from running Help.]]

Remove Run menu from Start Menu Properties

[[Allows you to remove the Run command from the Start menu, Internet
Explorer, and Task Manager.
If you enable this setting, the following changes occur:
(1) The Run command is removed from the Start menu.
(2) The New Task (Run) command is removed from Task Manager.
(3) The user will be blocked from entering the following into the Internet
Explorer Address Bar:
--- A UNC path: \\<server>\<share>
---Accessing local drives: e.g., C:
--- Accessing local folders: e.g., \temp>
Also, users with extended keyboards will no longer be able to display the
Run dialog box by pressing the Application key (the key with the Windows
logo) + R.
If you disable or do not configure this setting, users will be able to
access the Run command in the Start menu and in Task Manager and use the
Internet Explorer Address Bar.
Note:This setting affects the specified interface only. It does not prevent
users from using other methods to run programs.
Note: It is a requirement for third-party applications with Windows 2000 or
later certification to adhere to this setting.]]

Remove Search menu from Start Menu Properties

[[Removes the Search item from the Start menu, and disables some Windows
Explorer search elements.
This setting removes the Search item from the Start menu and from the
context menu that appears when you right-click the Start menu. Also, the
system does not respond when users press the Application key (the key with
the Windows logo)+ F.
In Windows Explorer, the Search item still appears on the Standard buttons
toolbar, but the system does not respond when the user presses Ctrl+F. Also,
Search does not appear in the context menu when you right-click an icon
representing a drive or a folder.
This setting affects the specified user interface elements only. It does not
affect Internet Explorer and does not prevent the user from using other
methods to search.
Also, see the "Remove Search button from Windows Explorer" setting in User
Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Explorer.
This setting also prevents the user from using the F3 key.]]

57. right hand side
Restore the Run Command

Hope this helps.  Let us know.
In news:uvOZWXoPEHA.1392@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl,
Headtheball <>  hunted and pecked:
> No Go Wesley, Cannot find them anywhere
> "Wesley Vogel" <> wrote in message
> news:8a4rc.12071$zw.751@attbi_s01...
>> Right click the Start button | Properties | Customize button |
>> Advanced tab | Check:
>>  Help and Support
>>  Run
>>  Search
>> OK | Apply | OK
>> --
>> Hope this helps.  Let us know.
>> Wes
>> In news:eMi7bskPEHA.1392@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl,
>> Headtheball <>  hunted and pecked:
>>> three icons are missing from my start menu , Help and support,
>>> search and Run. The words are there and a blank looking icon but no
>>> proper icon. All the rest of my icons are there, any ideas?

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