Re: making a removable SSD drive nonremovable

M.I.5¾ wrote:
"Mike Vandeman" <aaone@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote

I have an Acer Aspire One, with 500 MB ram, an internal 8 GB 'system' SSD, to which I've installed an 16 GB SDHC card in the "storage expansion" slot.

Using a FLASH based memory card in the way you suggest is a very bad idea.

First the windows paging file should be on the fastest available drive. Putting in a FLASH based memory will make Windows take a very significant performance hit.

Second, the FLASH memory technology has a very limited write/rewrite life and using it as intensively as you are, you will use up that life fairly quickly. Failure modes vary, but generally, once the contoller chip detects an error it prevents access to the entire memory. Either the memory becomes read only, or more usually, the memory disappears from windows entirely. I could send you several memory cards and USB sticks that have failed.

The internal drive is flash too, so it seems to
be a good idea to stress a cheap SD card instead
the expensive internal flash drive.