Re: Disk error press any key to restart.

Did you run the mfg's diagnostics on the old drive to confirm it was bad? That error does not always mean you have a bad drive, you could have a bad data cable, defective drive controller, flakey power supply, bad motherboard, or other problems, which is very likely as your new drive is producing the same error.
There is no "automatic" way to fix it, proper troubleshooting needs to be done, and it can be rather difficult tracking down the problem, I would suggest a competent repair shop.


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"trillian" <trillian.3bo3jb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:trillian.3bo3jb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hi friends,

Some few months before i got an error message "A DISK READ ERROR
OCCURRED " press any key to restart. I thought my hard disk gone so i
bought an new Seagate 250 GB SATA hard disk and installed Windows XP SP2
with preinstalled SATA driver in it.

Installation went smoothly and XP worked well.

While using my system got freeze sometime and the mouse point do not
move smoothly. Then i restarted my system now in boot screen it showed
an new error message "Disk error press any key to restart"

Then i didn't switch on my system for more than two hours then i
started my system now my XP starts up without any error message.

when i press ctrl+alt del the CPU usage was around 90 - 95% and in that
SVCHOST process is about 99 and system idle process is always 99.

when i try to open some windows application my system got freeze and
once again i got the same "DISK ERROR " message.

i have noticed that when my system freezes this error occurs.

is there any program which automatically get rid of this error please
suggest me.

please help me out to solve this problem.

NOTE: i have installed new hard disk installed in my system.
my sys config are:
INTEL CORE 2 DUO processor
INTEL 945GCL motherboard

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