Re: Internal drive does not show up in "My Computer" after re-install of Win XP Home - SP2

On Mar 10, 8:07 pm, "Cari \(MS-MVP\)" <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Right click on My Computer, select Manage. On the following screen, click
on Disk Management. Does it show up on the right hand side and can you
assign it a drive letter? Once it's got a letter, it will show up in
Windows Explorer.

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I re-installed Windows XP Home - SP2 due to some other problems and
now my internal slave drive is not visible in "My Computer". During
Boot up checked the setup and the drive is recognized. It also shows
in the Device Manager and says is working OK.

I have data on this drive and would not like to reformat.

Appreciate any help on this.

The drive shows up on the right side, but I cannot assign it a drive
letter. The option Change drive letter and assign paths is not
selectable. Also the details for the drive indicate 186.31G
Healthy(Active), but does not indicate the type of filesystem. Also
this is a 320G internal drive.

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