Re: Chkdsk ? Compaq Presario XP_Home_sp2

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Try clearing the CMOS,if the hd errors remaine no matter which hd is
used,then the fault(s) are probably in the controller.Try switching the
connection to the hd,also,open event viewer for errors/warnings (try
a corrupted controller will run off and on for awhile,but should show
in event viewer 1st.

Thanks for the reply...
I did look in event viewer and found nothing out of the ordinary.

I suppose the controller on the mobo could be bad and I could possibly try
the 2nd channel or add a PCI controller...
the thing is that there has *never* been an error when running chkdsk /f.

Errors are *only* seen when running chkdsk in the audit-only mode from
within the OS

As I expected the current system will not boot from an add-in PCI controller
nor from the 2nd IDE channel...
so I'm now performing a fresh install using a PCI controller ...
I'll post back with the results when I'm done

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