Re: USB 2.0 PCMCIA card won't let me use scanner

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Some devices need the drivers installed for EACH USB port that you
the device in. Sometime it is automatically done but other times you
install the driver for each individual port you plug into.

Might be your problem.

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I have Acer Aspire notebook with XP Home SP2 on it. I installed all
the drivers successfully and i have no problem if i plug my Canon
scanner onto on-board USB port.(on notebook)

But i also have an Billionton USB 2.0 PCMCIA expand card to have
additional 2 usb 2.0 ports. If i use the scanner connected onto these
ports, i cannot use it. I got an error message during scan/previewing
process of SCANGEAR MP of Canon.

I can use USB printers on these ports with no problem but cannot use

My card is Billionton USB 2.0 PCMCIA adaptor card using with XP's
''standard USB drivers'''. I can run flash drive with no problem on
these ports.(pcmcia card's usb ports)

The error message is:

I understood everything is not ''plug and play'' in Windows. You have
to call it ''plug and PRAY'' :)

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Could you clarify more? I installed the required drivers of scanner by
obeying instructions. Also installed correct USB drivers of Windows.

In looking at the error message it appears that the driver isn't getting
installed for the scanner on the adaptor card's USB ports. You may need to
contact the manufacturer of the USB adaptor to see if they can help you fix
the problem.

You may try to unplug the scanner from the computer, remove all the scanner
driver software, reinstall the scanner drivers and then plug the scanner
into the adaptor card's USB port. Sometimes this will fix the problem but
othertimes not.

What I said in my original message is that device drivers for USB devices
are fickle as they are installed for each physical slot that a device is
plugged into. I have a Canon printer and every time I plug it into a
different USB port on my laptops, the printer driver is reinstalled for that
port. If I plug it into a port already used, it isn't reinstalled. Since
most scanner drivers have to be installed prior to plugging in the scanner
to the USB port this may be the cause of the failure to see the scanner.