Re: Stuck in Login - Log-off Loop --- How to install external HD from DOS??

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My computer is stuck in the log on -log off loop and I can not get it
to work after following all the fixes I could find. I am now just
going to back up to external hard drive and reinstall XP-home. My
question is:

Is it easy to install an external hard drive from DOS, and what are
the commands to perform a full copy of the first hard drive to the

External, as in USB? DOS has no native support for USB (nor NTFS). This
free utility may do what you want, but you may need a USB -> IDE adapter.

Another option:
BootitNG (cancel the install and use maintenanace mode to copy partitions
to another drive. Supports USB2.0)

Trueimage is another. (not free)

There are other means, some of which involve opening the case.