Re: What is the difference betwenn "Slot A" and "Socket A" ?

On 29 Nov 2006 12:53:21 GMT, pmeister2@xxxxxxxxx (Peter Meister) wrote:

I am a bit confused about the difference of motherboard sockets
labelled "Slot A" and "Socket A".

Often it is written that AMD Athlon CPUS fit into SLot A
and at other places into Socket A.

So if Athlon CPUS fit into both types then the socket types must be the same ?

No - The Slot A was AMD's CPU packaging answer to Intel's Pentium 2&3 SECC:
a CPU mounted on a PCB along with the L2 cache SRAM chips - the PCB has an
edge connector which fits in a slot in the same was an an ISA, PCI or PCI-e
card fits in a slot. AMD used the same physical slot connectors but
reversed the keying to avoid catastrophes.

When Intel went to socket 370, AMD followed with Socket A: the L2 cache was
integrated into the CPU die and the PGA (Pin Grid Array) package fit in a
socket.... again, like with previous sockets.

Or are there any differences ?
Which one is the "better" ?

Can both socket types hold AMD Athlon mobile resp AMD Athlon XP mobile CPUs ?

I don't recall what the cut-off was on Athlons speedwise but there were no
XPs produced in a Socket A form factor.

Rgds, George Macdonald

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