Re: External HD/USB/"The format did not complete successfully"

"WilDeliver" <WilDeliver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> 1. Installed USB2.0 card and breakout box - successful
> 2. WD Knowledge Base says about installing HD into USB enclosure:
> "Although WD hard drives should work properly in external FireWire and/or
> USB enclosures, we are not able to provide technical support for drives in
> this configuration beyond suggested jumper settings and warranty
> replacement.
> The suggested jumper setting for a WD EIDE drive used in an external
> enclosure is single (pins 4-6)."
> 3. Set jumpers, install Western Digital 120 GB Ultra ATA/100 into Adaptec
> External housing - successful
> 4. Go to Computer Management/Disk Management and drive is recognized.
> Partition it successfully, assign a drive letter (X - mnemonic for
> external).
> Display indicates Disk2 Online and Healthy. Finally I format it and the
> process goes to 100% and quits with a message "The format did not complete
> successfully." Tried also as a Quick Format without success.
> (Of note, but perhaps not of importance, Disk Management then no longer
> recognizes the hard drive - have to reboot.

If you have a floppy drive I suggest you make a DOS boot disk and load DUSE
(the DOS USB driver). A DOS boot disk can be downloaded from and 'Google' for DUSE. Use the boot disk to boot to dos
and format the external drive from DOS. That should fix it.


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