Re: LEXAR JumpDrives to FORMAT

HP has a small program just for that purpose. I have a Sandisk Mini Cruiser
(1 gig) that I have used the utility with. I can't say that it will work
with all USB thumb drives.

You can get it here:

Note that the default format is fat. Do not change that unless you know why
you must.


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<infnet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> We have TWO, 1-GB LEXAR Jump Drives, along with one 512MB stick -
> In order to get the FULL amount of space out of these drives,
> you have to first FORMAT the drives....
> Q: Which format is the best to go for on Windows XP Pro?
>>>> Is it FAT or FAT32?....or is using the 'quick format' mode OK?
> Thanks!
> -Infnet