Re: Help me too choose AMD or Intel ???

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> Intel is currently so far behind the game when it comes to producing 64
> bit CPU's, yet everyone seems to continue to defend them. Every review I
> have read that pits Intel EM64T against AMD Athlon64, the Athlon wins (by
> a large margin).
> If you are savvy, do research, and put you money where the speed, power
> and value are, the only answer is AMD. Perhaps in a year or two, once
> Intel begins selling newer designed chips instead of re-vamped P4J CPUs,
> they may again be "king of the hill". But for now, the smart money is on
> AMD.

While I agree the current crop of AMD CPU's are technically better than
Intel's in the real world I see little or no performance difference that a
normal user would notice. I stand by my comments that using good ram,
motherboard, PSU and video card will make much more of a difference to the
average end user. System stability and reliability are far more important
for most people than that last 5% speed improvement. I have seen many
systems that use the latest CPU only to cheap out on other components and
have a horrible system that barely runs. The CPU is only one component of a
system. To take advantage of the Athlon 64 the rest of the components have
to be up to the task. This negates the price difference between the CPU's
making the overall system price for an equally performing system very close.

I agree that if 64 bit is what you want or need then AMD blows Intel away. I
just don't see that presently, in the real world not in a benchmark, it
offers that much of a speed advantage over 32 bit chips. By the time the
software catches up there will be a whole new crop of CPU's out. At that
time who knows which will be better.

All that said most of the systems I sell either have a Celeron CPU (word
processing machine) or a 939 Athlon 64 (game, graphics, or power user
machine) for desktops. For notebooks Intel has won the advertising war and
everyone wants Centrino even if they don't know exactly what it is :-)