Re: DVDRW Driver only working in PIO mode;en-us;817472

"IDE ATA and ATAPI disks use PIO mode after multiple time-out or CRC errors

There's a lot of information in the article. The simplest is removing the
secondary IDE controller from Device Manager, and letting it automatically
re-install on reboot.

"TonyToniTone" <mixedcouple@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I am having problems with slow transfer rates when using my DVDRW drive. I
>am using windows xp professional and my drive set-up in the bios is as
> Primary Master: WDC WD200BB Hard Drive using DMA 5
> Primary Slave: WDC WD1600BB Hard Drive using DMA 5
> Secondary Master: DVDRW IDE1008 using DMA 4
> Secondary Slave: TOSHIBA DVD SDM1802 using DMA 2
> I think the problem is in Device Manager properties for the Secondary IDE
> Channel the current transfer mode being used for the DVDRW is PIO Mode,
> even though Transfer Mode is set to DMA if available.
> Does anyone have a solution to how I can change this drive to use DMA
> mode?
> Tony