Re: replaced hard disk wants to be F:

"John Coode" <faecius@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Andras wrote:
>> I had my (only) hard disk replaced and now it calls itself F:. The Zip
>> drive is C: and the rest is CD etc. As many installing programs default
>> to C:, this is annoying. Where do I change it? The boot order in BIOS is
>> floppy then hard disk...Is this is in Win XP?
> You should have disconnected the Zip drive before installing the new
> drive. This is a known behaviour. If you paid someone to replace the
> drive, complain and insist they put it right. Otherwise I fear the only
> way to get C: back as your system drive is to reformat the new drive and
> reinstall XP (after removing the Zip drive of course). You can then add
> the Zip drive back. Alternatively, learn to live with it. XP doesn't care
> which drive letter it is on and it is unlikely you will come across a
> program these days that won't give you the option to install it on any
> drive.

Formatting seems a bit extreme when you can just reassign the C: to the
harddrive through disk management. But I do agree with you, as I told
someone in another group that you should disconnect the other drives if
there is an issue with drive assignments.