Re: Sound Card Dilemma

Hi all, I have got the Ectiva card working. Turns out that when I
uninstalled and removed the SB live! card (and deleted anything related to
it I could find), I somehow didnt get the EMU10K1 driver files. After
uninstalling the emu10k1 drivers, the ectiva works. All help appreciated.

"Sixftdick" <Sixftdick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> About a month ago I installed Windows XP Pro on my home computer. I did a
> clean install, fully formatting the HDD to NTFS, and started from scratch.
> the computer specs are at the bottom of this post. However, when I
> the installation, I had no audio. My soundcard was a Creative SoundBlaster
> Live (CT4832) card, and was detected and installed by windows (using the
> windows drivers). I then installed the Creative drivers from CD, and still
> no sound. I tried downloading the updates and patches from the creative
> website, but got an error, something like "no creative products could be
> detected on your computer. please make sure your soundcard is correctly
> installed before running this installer". I checked in the device manager,
> and the card appeared to be installed correctly. Sounds would appear to
> in some programs (VLC media player, for example), while in others would
> (windows media player). I contacted creative, and have since tried
> uninstalling and re-installing straight from the CD (same error),
> re-installing with drivers from the CD (no sound). I have tried several
> 'clean sweep' installs (removing from the registry anything related to
> creative, soundblaster or onboard audio) with each installation option,
> the same result (no sound). The soundcard worked fine under Windows 98SE
> Windows ME. I have tried everything suggested by the creative labs people,
> with no luck I have checked the BIOS, and onboard audio (legacy and AC97)
> disabled (the jacks aren't on the MB anyway, otherwise I would use those).
> have updated the BIOS from ASUS, and everything seems to be fine there. I
> tried the card in several slots, with the same result.
> After trying all this, I decided to go out and get a cheap soundcard. I
> a Creative Ectiva 5.1 soundcard (I can't find a model number on either the
> card, the box or the manual/CD). When I installed this card, I got the
> problem (no sound). The card was detected by Windows, and the drivers were
> correctly sourced from the CD (I did not have to specify the location). I
> checked the BIOS, and onboard audio is still disabled. the card is
> from the CD, using the drivers supplied by creative. I can't seem to find
> any drivers for this card on the creative website, and the ectiva website
> down (I assume because they were bought out by creative). In device
> manager, the card appears to be correctly installed (no conflicts or
> errors), however under "sounds and audio devices", all the options are
> greyed out, saying 'no playback devices', 'no recording devices', 'no midi
> devices', even though under hardware, my card is shown and has no
> The Card currently has IRQ9, the same as a number of other devices
> MX440 video card, netcomm modem, some other devices).
> As far as I can tell, everything was installed correctly for each
> and everything should be working. But it doesnt, the only sounds from my
> computer now being the pc speaker and the bearings in my fan. I have tried
> every jack on each card with speakers and 3 different sets of headphones,
> all of which work on other devices (including my wifes laptop). any help
> greatly appreciated. my machine specs are below.
> Processor: Intel Pentium III 866Mhz, socket 370
> Motherboard: Asus CUV4X, with no onboard audio jacks
> BIOS: VIA bios, ver, with VIA 4in1 Pack installed
> Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce (MX440? MX400? something like that, 128MB
> SVIDEO-out)
> Modem: Netcomm 56k modem
> Soundcard/s: Creative Soundblaster Live! (CT4832), Creative Ectiva 5.1
> Hard Disk: Seagate 20GB HDD (40-1 pin)
> CD drives: BenQ 52x24x52 CDRW, Fujitsu 52x CDROM
> 1.44" floppy drive
> OS - Windows XP Pro
> Once again, thanks.
> Sixftdick


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