Re: Windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPs, or FTP

On 9/4/2010 4:10 PM, Nemster wrote:
I am aware that this has some thing to do with firewall settings, but I have
no clue where to go from there. I am not very techno-savvy so please use
layman's terms.
The error message states:
windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPs, or FTP. This is
probably caused by firewall settings on this computer.
Check firewall settings for the HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443) and FTP
port (21)

My internet service is DSL through AT&T the router is a 2wire 2701HG-s
Windows firewall settings show all HTTP, HTTPs and FTP enabled.

not sure where to go next

Please try this:

click Start > Run type "cmd" without the quotes in the text box, and click the OK button.

type "ipconfig /all > c:\ipconfig.txt" without the quotes and click the Enter key.

Now copy the contents of the c:\ipconfig.txt file and post them here.



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