Re: word Document slow

Gil wrote:

Why is opening/saving /closing a new document so slow?

Depends on what application you are using to open the file.
Depends on which version of Windows.
Depends if the file is local or on a network resource.
Depends on your network speed (local or Internet) of a networked file.
Depends on how robust or weak is your hardware.
Depends on the security software you installed (anti[virus|malware],
firewall, etc) or whatever you might've installed that interrogates
the content of files when you open, create, or modify them.
Depends on how big is the file.
Depends if you install some file indexing program.
Depends on what malware might be running on your host.
Depends on lots of possibilities.
Oh yeah, like we're supposed to troubleshoot a completely unknown setup.

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