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"Amin" <Amin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi i have installed a network adapter in my xp computer to have wireless,
after this installation the pc had a problem booting up and severeal it
restarted within the boot process it finally boots up and i configured the
card and actually logged onto the net. however when i restarted the pc it
refused to boot up, all it does is boot and ask me tp press F1 to continue
and anytime i press it goes round and come back to the same point asking
the F1 to be pressed to contiue. Now i have removed the card that i
in the hope that it may boot up but is not it just carries on with asking
to press f1 to continue but it will never boot up. sometimes it comes up
the choices for me to bootup in safe or the others mode but any of the
choices i have used has [have] not really helped me what can i do to
this proble [problem] guys.
thank you

You could try a manual System Restore:


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