Re: Repair Install can't find files.

Michael Jennings;935688 Wrote:
When I try to do a Windows XP Repair Install after booting from a
Windows XP
SP3 OEM CD, after it gets considerably into the repair installation, it

begins saying it cannot find files that are there. There are maybe 100
it says it can't find. There is no problem reading the files with the
hardware and the same CD when booted from XP and accessing the files

I've had no problems re-loading Windows XP on other computers, so
this particular computer is infected with malware. Windows XP SP3 on
computer works well. However, I am worried that it is infected, and
want to
do a repair install.

Could this be a problem with file permissions or ownership? Registry

The computer that is affected is important. It is not feasible at this
to re-format the hard drive and re-install all the programs, so we want
to do
a Repair Install.

In case you've not given up on this:

Although I've run into the same problem a workaround I used was to copy
the files individually. It's truly a royal pain but you can press,
<F10> , I think it is, to open up a command window and copy the files
manually while you're in the install/repair option of setup.

Still looking for the cause of this problem though and I've not come
upon anything concrete after doing the obvious malware searches,
memcheck86, and virus scans, etc.

Post back and let us know what you might have done on this. I don't
think we're the only two who have been to the wall on this!