Re: Tiff Files won't open on PC but will on Mac

requeth@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I'm working on a windows XP Home SP2 machine and have several CD's of
TIF files what the user needs opened. The files were created on a
Windows XP machine a few years ago and were stored on CD. When I try
to open the files on a different xp machine I receive errors opening
in every program. I have tried EVERYTHING including Irfanview and
Photoshop. The files were saved as TIF's on Photoshop CS2, and the
goal is to open them on Photoshop CS3.

I can create a new TIF, save it, and open the file fine. Just hte
files from these CD's don't work. Corruption is ruled out because I
can open the files on a OSX mac.

I've verified the files are TIF files based on markers in the file
when opened with notepad. I've resarched this issue for 9 hours and I
can't figure it out.

I've run a checkdisk (found 1 corrupt file but unrelated)
Ran a system file check (no issues found)
I've tried many programs.
I'm unable to use the XP machine they were created on.
I've tried redoing the registry settings for TIF associations.
The user is the administrator.

Errors that occur:

IrfanView: "C:\Documents and Settings\Office Depot\Desktop\Phone
Card.TIF : Decode error !"
Paint: "C:\Documents and Settings\Office Depot\Desktop\Phone Card.TIF
Paint cannot read thsi file. this is not a valid bitmap file, or its
format is not currently supported."
Photoshop: "Could not complete your request because it is not the
right type of document."

Does anyone have ideas to solve this? Is Windows missing a required
common file to view TIF images?

"Thousands of Incompatible File Formats" :-)

That is the nature of TIFF. If someone wants to, they can easily
defeat your average image manipulation program.

GIMP is a free image editing program, similar to Photoshop.
It uses LIBTIFF, so no guarantees it will handle all possible
TIFF variants. There is a Windows installer here. GIMP used
to consist of two parts (GIMP package and GTK? package), but I
only see one entry in my Add/Remove now.

There may be other utilities that handle TIFF, but my search
engine returns a lot of crap when I try to do such a search.
On the Mac, the GraphicConverter program from Lemke software,
is able to handle a lot of formats, and convert them to other
formats. It was a favorite tool, along with Photoshop, for

You can do batch jobs in Photoshop, so if you want, you could
dump all the images into a single folder, and then use the
recording option in Photoshop, to record a short sequence of
commands to convert to some other format. Or even, to output a
TIFF in some better-known format.